Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Support the Japanese Ubuntu LoCo

Ok its a while since I have written anything here but something has happened recently that means I have to write this down.

A few months ago back in December of 2010 I started to use can't remember why might have been a blog post or just noticed it when on the stackexchange main site. Either way I have become part of the community there maybe not as much as some but I work from home and have a daughter to look after so you have to have priorities.

Maybe its because I have family of my own but I felt all of the talk about how cool Unity is and this new bit of eye candy etc... didn't sit well at the back of my mind knowing what is happening right now in Japan. Especially as part of our community is from Japan and are possibly being affected directly by the tragedy that is unfolding before our eye's .

So I and a few of the regulars in the AskUbuntu general chat started a chain of events that has ended in the creation of a site thats sole purpose is to send a message to the Japanese Ubuntu LoCo to show them that we as a global community are thinking about them and hope that we will see them again when things have returned to something near normality.

We could have sat back and did nothing about this, but we decided to do something it may not be enough but as long as it reminds people that there are members of our own community in the middle of this disaster that is enough you can decide for your self what you want or can do about that. As long as you are asking your self that question I believe we will have accomplished half of our objective.

We have not included any way of donating money as 1. we didn't have the time or experience to do so and 2. There are so many other better ways of donating money, skills or just time to help that anything we could do would be a waste of time and only cause confusion. So instead we wish only to send a message pure and simple of support to our friends in Japan.

If you agree visit the site here and add your name to the list

And as a final note this is my own views on the subject I do not speak on behalf of anyone else.