Saturday, 23 October 2010

I've been Featured on Facebook

I made a screen shot of my modded Maverick desk top for the Ubuntu page on facebook and it got accepted as one of the ten best out of 600+ woo hoo this was my submission

The wallpaper is from Jbaer on deviant art called Maverick Metro the dock is docky with panel mode enabled and the Icon set is faenza which Install using the equinox ppa. For any one new to Ubuntu half of that is going to be complete gibberish so I will be doing some post soon to translate.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Hearts of Midlothian

Just finished creating some web graphics for viki's blog. We had the Idea of creating a set of Icons in the same theme as her logo. luckily I originally designed her logo in Inkscape which is one of the best programs I have ever used it combines two of my favourite things accuracy and beautiful design. The thing that make's the program essential for me is the ability to amend your work without having to start from scratch each time which save's a lot of time which can be used in the details to make something that looks good look great. One word of warning Inkscape looks very difficult to use especially if you haven't used a vector graphic program before, so before you touch anything watch and learn from the masters at heathenx.  Their tutorials are about 10 - 30 min each so you can cram some in instead of watching (insert favourite program) trust me you wont regret it.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

FDEkszer | Facebook

I'm in the process of creating a landing page on facebook for Viki so wish me luck I'm going to need it. I'll make a post when the project is complete.

That's all for now folks.

FDEkszer | Facebook

Monday, 18 October 2010

Whats It all About?

Good question you might ask especially as I am a man from Scotland and not a Woman from Africa. The answer is probably an insight to the global mashup that we are all heading towards. The beading comes from my fiancĂ©e who is from Hungary she has a blog which specialises in beading. The Ubuntu connection is from one of those random Google searches which hit upon an alternative to Windows and the  rest is history. 

As a introduction for anyone who may be wondering what I am talking about with Ubuntu here is a short description. Ubuntu is an Operating System from South Africa, yes you heard me right South Africa which is also where the name comes from.  The name refers to an African Philosophy which in very simple terms is that you are not a human on your own you are only able to be who you are because of the people who are around you. Obviously the same goes in reverse the people around you are only who they are because of you. How does this relate to a computer Operating System you might ask. Well I tend to think of Ubuntu OS as a digital representation of the Ubuntu Philosophy it is Open Source so anyone can contribute to it and you can even completely remodel it and give it a different name almost every part of the program can be modified and you can bet that some one out there is doing just that.

Thats all for now folks